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Iran’s Faux Multiple Personality Disorder

OPED by Elan Journo | August 10, 2015

Why are seemingly sensible people cheering the Iran deal, given the regime’s notorious brutality and belligerence? The answer lies in a wonkish affliction that you could call the split-personality fallacy. Glance at the regime we’re talking about. Iran is a horrific theocracy that methodically


The “Forward Strategy” for Failure

Article by Yaron Brook and Elan Journo | Spring 2007

Authors’ note: This essay is partially based on the lecture “Democracy vs. Freedom” that Yaron Brook delivered on September 12, 2006, in Irvine, CA, and on October 22, 2006, at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston, MA. A Strategy for Security? The attacks of 9/11 exposed the magnitude of the threats we


How the U.S., and Israel, Wage Self-Crippled Wars

OPED by Elan Journo | October 8, 2015

A horrific news report from Afghanistan brings to light a wider problem afflicting the American, and Israeli, way of war — but, no, it is not what you think.    Washington faces perpetual allegations of “war crimes” for its military conduct in Afghanistan, and Israel, in Gaza. We’re asked to believe


The Jihad on America

Article by Elan Journo | Fall 2006

Fathoming the Atrocities On that cloudless Tuesday morning in September, downtown Manhattan was engulfed by an eerie fog, a fog of dust and ashes. From the top floors of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, plumes of smoke billowed, and inside an inferno raged. The courtyard at the foot of the


What Vox’s Will Wilkinson Gets Right — and Horribly Wrong — about Trump and the Islamist Menace

Blog Elan Journo | May 2017

I applaud Will Wilkinson’s essay at Vox.com criticizing the Trump administration’s view of the jihadist threat, but I can offer only one cheer, not three. Wilkinson tries to put the threat in perspective, and although he makes some important points, he exhibits a mile-wide blind spot. Thus, in his own way, Wilkinson fails to understand the Islamist menace, what enables it, and the urgent necessity of confronting it.


Neoconservative Foreign Policy: An Autopsy

Article by Yaron Brook and Alex Epstein | Summer 2007

The Rise and Fall of Neoconservative Foreign Policy When asked during the 2000 presidential campaign about his foreign policy convictions, George W. Bush said that a president’s “guiding question” should be: “What’s in the best interests of the United States? What’s in the best interests of our


Elan Journo

Elan Journo writes and speaks for ARI on foreign policy issues. In addition, he leads the Junior Fellows program in Policy Research and Legal Studies, and he is an occasional guest instructor at the Objectivist Academic Center. Mr. Journo specializes in the application of Rand’s ethics of


Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand and U.S. Foreign Policy

Article by Elan Journo | Oct 2012

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has credited philosopher Ayn Rand with inspiring him to enter politics — and made her 1,000-plus-page magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged, required reading for his staff. "The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one


One Small Step for Dictatorship: The Significance of Donald Trump’s Election

Blog Onkar Ghate | Nov 2016

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election to the American presidency, Ayn Rand Institute senior fellow Onkar Ghate has published “One Small Step for Dictatorship,” applying Objectivism’s long-range, philosophical viewpoint to the task of assessing what Trump’s campaign success signifies about the American electorate — and America's future.