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"Atlas Shrugged" Still Flying Off Shelves!

WASHINGTON — New reports from Ayn Rand’s publisher indicates that sales figures for “Atlas Shrugged” are continuing a remarkable trend. In 2011 all English editions of “Atlas Shrugged” sold 445,000 copies. “This is incredible,” says Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute.


What Real War Looks Like

OPED by Elan Journo | Dec 2006

The Iraq Study Group has issued many specific recommendations, but the options boil down to a maddeningly limited range: pull out or send more troops to do democracy-building and, either way, “engage” the hostile regimes in Iran and Syria. Missing from the list is the one option our self-defense


We Can’t Beat Jihadists Unless We’re Real About Their Motivations

OPED by Elan Journo | Apr 2016

March 22: suicide bombings at Brussels airport and on the city’s metro. March 27: a suicide bombing at a crowded park in Lahore, Pakistan. The differences between these attacks are considerable, and a mainstream perspective would have us focus on that data narrowly. But to understand these attacks —


“Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense

Article by Yaron Brook and Alex Epstein | Spring 2006

Authors' Note: This essay is partially based on a lecture, “The Morality of War,” delivered by Yaron Brook at numerous venues across the country including the 2004 Objectivist Summer Conference. It has been nearly five years since September 11, 2001 — the day that Islamic terrorists incinerated


Paving the Way for a Nuclear Iran

Article by Elan Journo | Jul 2015

The diplomatic talks over Iran’s nuclear program have culminated in a deal. The particular terms—at least those that have been disclosed—are predictably ominous. Despite stringent-sounding limitations and inspections, the deal effectively clears the path for the Islamic Republic of


San Bernardino and the Metastasizing Jihad

Blog Elan Journo | Dec 2015

From the Wall Street Journal, on the butchers who carried out last week’s attack in San Bernardino: “Agents are pursuing ‘the very real possibility’ that Ms. Malik was the catalyst for the violence, said one official. So far her husband ‘seems like someone who was searching for answers,’ the official said. . . An initial review of the couple’s online activity indicates one or both explored propaganda from al Qaeda and the Nusra Front, a terror group fighting in Syria, officials said.”


Behind the Paris Atrocity, an Enemy We Fail to Understand

Blog Elan Journo | Nov 2015

The slaughter of Parisians on November 13 was an act of war. The coordinated attacks, for which Islamic State has claimed responsibility, refute the notion that ISIS had been “contained” — the term Barack Obama used in a TV interview, just a few hours before the bombings and shootings began. Hardly the first time our president has understated the problem. Moreover, by carrying out attacks in the heart of Europe, far from its quasi-state in the Middle East, ISIS has upended the premise that it is mainly a regional menace. But the failure to understand the group runs deeper than just its military-operational capability.


Amanda Maxham Talks About Her New Podcast, Rise & Fall

Blog The Editors | Jan 2017

“I’m a huge fan of podcasts,” said Amanda Maxham, host of the new Ayn Rand Institute podcast Rise & Fall: How Ideas Move the World. “The best ones are determined by the quality of thinking expressed in them. I’ve often listened to podcasts about some topic I’m interested in and think how much more compelling they would be if they included an Objectivist perspective.”


Destination? Non-Victory

Blog Elan Journo | Aug 2009

July was the worst month for U.S. casualties in Afghanistan — not just in 2009, but since the war began nearly eight years ago.


Disconnected Dots

Blog Elan Journo | Jan 2010

Last week President Obama claimed that “our intelligence community failed to connect those dots” signaling a plot to blow up Flight 253. But ritual flogging of the intelligence community has diverted attention from a larger failure — this one belonging squarely on Obama’s shoulders.