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Destination? Non-Victory

Blog Elan Journo | Aug 2009

July was the worst month for U.S. casualties in Afghanistan — not just in 2009, but since the war began nearly eight years ago.


Disconnected Dots

Blog Elan Journo | Jan 2010

Last week President Obama claimed that “our intelligence community failed to connect those dots” signaling a plot to blow up Flight 253. But ritual flogging of the intelligence community has diverted attention from a larger failure — this one belonging squarely on Obama’s shoulders.


Paving the Way for a Nuclear Iran

Article by Elan Journo | Jul 2015

The diplomatic talks over Iran’s nuclear program have culminated in a deal. The particular terms—at least those that have been disclosed—are predictably ominous. Despite stringent-sounding limitations and inspections, the deal effectively clears the path for the Islamic Republic of


Amanda Maxham Talks About Her New Podcast, Rise & Fall

Blog The Editors | Jan 2017

“I’m a huge fan of podcasts,” said Amanda Maxham, host of the new Ayn Rand Institute podcast Rise & Fall: How Ideas Move the World. “The best ones are determined by the quality of thinking expressed in them. I’ve often listened to podcasts about some topic I’m interested in and think how much more compelling they would be if they included an Objectivist perspective.”


With or Without Nukes, Iran Is a Mortal Threat

OPED by Elan Journo | Nov 2013

Imagine that your neighborhood is overrun by a gang. These brutes are wielding crowbars, knives, and pistols in a frenzied spree of home break-ins and mugging and murder. Now suppose the police reveal that their grand strategy for dealing with this gang is to block them from getting submachine guns


Why Should You Care about the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict?

Blog The Editors | Mar 2015

Why should you care about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Most Americans think of it as a fight over a narrow strip of land, by adversaries who each have some legitimate grievances but also some marks against them. It is, therefore, far from obvious why outsiders should be concerned. But this apathy is misguided: much of what people think they know about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is just dead wrong.


After 9/11, Lessons Unlearned

Article by Elan Journo | Sep 2014

Thirteen years have passed since jihadists rammed jetliners into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Doubtless the images of the Twin Towers collapsing are indelible, and the toll in human life was achingly massive. In time, though, memory fades. By themselves, our


The Foreign Policy of Guilt

OPED by Onkar Ghate and Yaron Brook | Sep 2005

In the aftermath of the bombings in London, Prime Minister Tony Blair has asked the British people to remain calm and maintain their daily routines; the terrorists win, he says, if one gives in to fear. This, you may remember, was also George W. Bush’s response after Sept. 11, when he called on


Washington’s Pro-Hamas Foreign Policy

OPED by Elan Journo | May 2006

America’s policy of backing “land for peace” deals in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was supposed to stop Palestinian terrorism and culminate in a Palestinian state coexisting with Israel “side by side in peace and security.” But after years of Israeli concessions, and after American pleas to


How to Stop Iran?

OPED by Elan Journo | Jun 2007

Bush’s disastrous foreign policy — especially the Iraq fiasco — has led many to conclude that diplomatic “engagement” is our best hope for stopping Iran’s nuclear program. But while Bush’s policy is a failure, engagement is not the solution. Bush’s “moralistic” approach, we’re told, entails