Ayn Rand Center Israel Presents Atlas Award to Best Israeli Startup Company

IRVINE, Ca. – May 20, 2016 – The Ayn Rand Institute was pleased to be one of several sponsors and to participate in the first annual Atlas Award for the Best Israeli Startup Contest and Awards Ceremony at the Israeli Stock Exchange on May 17, 2016. The competition and the awards event were developed by the Ayn Rand Center Israel, in partnership with the largest accounting firm in the world, Deloitte, and with the leading financial news service in Israel, TheMarker.com. The event was also made possible by the generous support of Mr. Carl Barney and the Objectivist Venture Fund.

The award was developed, according to Boaz Arad, executive director of Ayn Rand Center Israel “in recognition of the entrepreneurial spirit which creates wealth that improves our lives and we wanted to recognize and show appreciation to those people who make our world a better place through their ideas expressed in technology. This important initiative celebrates the values and ideas of Ayn Rand and connects those values to one of the best parts of the Israeli economy.”

 The winning entrepreneurial company, Moovit, was selected from more than thirty competing firms, primarily for its applications which have transformed the lives of more than 120 million consumers around the world. Moovit enables consumers to better utilize public transportation in 850 cities across the globe.

The Ayn Rand Institute’s executive director, Yaron Brook observed: “Ayn Rand admired, in a fundamental sense, the creators and builders of technology and business. She thought the business of business – creating wealth – was a moral activity, and nothing to feel guilty about. Throughout history those creators and businessmen have generally been damned, not celebrated. We are glad to be part of an event that celebrates those creators that are here today because successful businesses and entrepreneurship create value and wealth and, in so doing, make the world a better place.“

The event was attended by more than two hundred senior high-tech industry executives in Israel, including winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Professor Dan Schechtman; business development senior manager at Cisco Israel, Zika Abzuk, who is leading a new Cisco initiative, Country Digitization Acceleration in Israel; CEO of the Microsoft R&D development center in Israel, Yoram Yaacovi; managing director of SAP Labs Israel and senior vice president at SAP Product & Innovation Technology, Orna Kleinmann; partner at Deloitte, Shally Tshuva; and investor and developer, Gigi Levy.

The Atlas Award itself is a large four-foot tall sculpture, titled Atlas III:  I Own the World, and was sculpted and donated by artist Richard Minns.