As Obamacare oozes into effect, shape-shifting to avoid the economic and medical realities its proponents desperately seek to evade, most debate centers on what adjustments are necessary to save it. The few opponents who still favor repeal have no plan to achieve what health care really needs: freedom from government control.

ARI’s radically different position on Obamacare starts with the view that health care is not a right. What one spends on doctors, medicines, and health insurance should be a matter of private budgeting, not political influence-peddling and tax-funded redistributions.

What’s missing from the Obamacare debates

Yet government continues adding to the measures that were distorting health care markets long before Obamacare was enacted. Indeed, the act’s passage depended on scapegoating the free market for problems (such as “job lock” and high health insurance premiums) actually caused by government controls.

Now, as young people chafe under the burden of new obligations to pay for their parents’ and grandparents’ health care, people of all ages are searching for answers outside the well-worn pathways of Washington politics. Here are some links that say more about ARI’s point of view on Obamacare:

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