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Covering a wide range of policy and philosophic issues in diverse venues, from classrooms and academic forums, to Capitol Hill, to boardrooms and media outlets worldwide.

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  • Yaron Brook

    Yaron Brook

    Chairman of the Board, Ayn Rand Institute


    Laissez-faire capitalism, Objectivism, Rights

  • Onkar Ghate

    Onkar Ghate

    Chief Philosophy Officer and Senior Fellow, Ayn Rand Institute


    Objectivism, Ayn Rand’s novels & ideas, Religion & morality


  • Peter Schwartz

    Peter Schwartz

    Distinguished Fellow, Ayn Rand Institute


    Egoism/Selfishness, Culture & society, Foreign policy

Suggested Course


The Philosophy of Objectivism

This course presents, in essential terms, the theoretical structure of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. Rand endorsed the course, attending every lecture and participating in many of the question periods.

Leonard Peikoff
Course Length
12 Lessons