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Date Speaker Description City / Venue
November 20 6:00 PM More Details

Christopher Arzrouni

Yaron Brook

Lars Christensen

Ryan Smith

Why is Ayn Rand Still Relevant?

Yaron Brook, Lars Seier Christensen, Ryan Smith, and Christopher Arzrouni will be discussing why Ayn Rand and her ideas are still relevant 36 years after her death.

Copenhagen, Denmark CEPOS More Details
November 22 6:00 PM More Details Yaron Brook Why Equal Is Unfair

Yaron Brook will argue that a genuinely laissez-faire capitalist society is the only system that is just.

Tbilisi, Georgia Free University More Details
November 23 6:00 PM More Details Yaron Brook What it Means to be Selfish in Life and in Politics

Yaron Brook will argue what it means to be selfish, what role selfishness has in politics, and how selfishness contributes to creating a happy productive life.

Tbilisi, Georgia University of Georgia More Details
November 24 10:00 AM More Details Yaron Brook How to Secure a Technologically Advanced Future

Yaron Brook will discuss the benefits of automatization, and the general technological advancement of society.

Tbilisi, Georgia Expo Tbilisi More Details


OCON 2019


Cleveland, Ohio

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