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Date Speaker Description City / Venue
November 20 6:30 PM Yaron Brook The Moral Case for Entrepreneurship and Inequality

Public, free

Krakow, Poland The Stage
November 21 12:00 PM PT More Details Aaron Smith Philosophy: Fundamental Questions (OAC Year 1)

Live class for Objectivist Academic Center students only

OAC Online Classroom More Details
November 21 5:20 PM More Details Tara Smith Panel I: Politics: The Authority and I

What is the place of the individual with regard to authority? Not only state, but
religious and cultural authority. Are there limits to individual freedom. Is there just power enforced on the individual?

Thessaloniki, Greece Mediterranean Palace Hotel More Details
November 21 7:00 PM More Details Gregory Salmieri Keynote Speech: Morality: The Others and I — Altruism vs Egoism

Self-interest or self-sacrifice? What should be our view and standing in relation to other people?

Thessaloniki, Greece Mediterranean Palace Hotel More Details
November 21 7:00 PM ET More Details

Ben Bayer

Gregory Salmieri

The Atlas Project: Episode 12

Live discussion of Atlas Shrugged, Part II, Chapter 2: The Aristocracy of Pull

Facebook Live More Details
November 21 7:30 PM More Details Yaron Brook The Morality of Capitalism

Public, free

Madrid, Spain Fundación Rafael del Pino More Details
November 21 8:00 PM More Details Andrew Bernstein Debate: Plato vs Aristotle — The mother of all philosophical battles. Whose philosophy best applies to today’s humanity?

Plato: Dr. Panayiotis Apostolopoulos-Perros (Ph.D. in philosophy at University of Athens; designer and analyst of internet applications)
Aristotle: Dr. Andrew Bernstein (philosopher, novelist, Ph.D. in philosophy)

Thessaloniki, Greece Mediterranean Palace Hotel More Details
November 22 5:00 PM Gregory Salmieri Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness

Public, free

Skopje, Macedonia Ohrid Institute
November 22 7:00 PM Tara Smith Individual Rights vs Social Rights

Public, free

Athens, Greece Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs
November 23 4:00 PM Tara Smith TBA

Public, free

Oxford, UK Hertford College




Newport Beach, California

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