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Date Speaker Description City / Venue
May 27 2:00 PM More Details Yaron Brook Equal Is Unfair

Equality is a goal most of us now share. But what if fighting against income inequality is misguided and dangerous? Yaron Brook, chairman of the board of the Ayn Rand Institute, puts forward his case for change.

Hay-on-Wye, UK HowTheLightGetsIn Festival – Ring; event 232 More Details
May 28 12:00 PM More Details Yaron Brook Panel: Socialist Dreams with Yaron Brook, Leo Panitch, Kemi Badoch and Judith Balso

From Stalin’s gulags to weak growth in planned economies and the fall of the
Berlin Wall, socialism has a chequered history. Is it a mistake to imagine that equality can be engineered by socialist planning? Should we be sceptical of those wrapped in fine ideals or is there a form of socialism that can deliver on the dream?

Hay-on-Wye, UK HowTheLightGetsIn Festival – Spiegel; event 335 More Details
June 08 10:30 AM ET More Details Yaron Brook Self-Interest: Necessary for Value Creation and Freedom

2018 FEECon session; registration required

Atlanta, GA Hyatt Regency More Details
June 30 Objectivist Summer Conference

Newport Beach, CA Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa
October 12 6:00 PM ET ARI speakers The Fountainhead 75th Anniversary Gala: Individualism, Independence, Innovation

New York, NY Current at Chelsea Piers
November 02 ARI speakers Ayn Rand Student Conference 2018

Annual weekend student conference hosted by ARI; registration required

Atlanta, GA W Atlanta-Midtown




Newport Beach, California

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