Using Reason to Cultivate Passion: A Moral and Psychological How-To Guide

Achieving Happiness: An Interview with Tara Smith

“Sargon of Akkad” Interviews Yaron Brook

‪Why a Free Man Fights

Productive Achievement: Man’s “Noblest Activity”

“What About the Innocents in War?”


Further Reading

Ayn Rand | 1957
For the New Intellectual

The Moral Meaning of Capitalism

An industrialist who works for nothing but his own profit guiltlessly proclaims his refusal to be sacrificed for the “public good.”
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Ayn Rand | 1961
The Virtue of Selfishness

The Objectivist Ethics

What is morality? Why does man need it? — and how the answers to these questions give rise to an ethics of rational self-interest.
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