In case you aren’t able to attend Objectivist Summer Conference 2017 but were planning to livestream the general sessions, we have good news! Two additional talks have been added.

Below is a complete list of sessions available for viewing. Please note that there have been some changes since the original announcement.

  • Saturday, June 10: “Productive Achievement: Man’s Noblest Activity” by Onkar Ghate and “Pittsburgh’s Business Heroes” by Andrew Bernstein
  • Sunday, June 11: “Life, Liberty and Intellectual Property” by Adam Mossoff
  • Monday, June 12: “Making Sense of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” by Elan Journo
  • Tuesday, June 13: “Free Speech Under Attack” by Flemming Rose, Dave Rubin and Steve Simpson
  • Wednesday, June 14: “Corporate Citizenship: Reflections of an Objectivist Business Professor” by Rajshree Agarwal and Jay Snider
  • Thursday, June 15: “Applying the Strikers’ Principles to Life in America Today” by Gregory Salmieri; “Who Killed Speed? A Murder Mystery History of Aviation” by Blake Scholl; “Creating a Career That You Love (Guilt-Free)” by Keith Schacht; and “Free Trade, Immigration and Robots, Oh My!” by Yaron Brook

If you have an OCON Week Pass, livestreaming is included in your registration and we will send you a link closer to the conference. For others, the cost is as follows:

  • Adults (age 30+): $195
  • Young Adults (age 29 and under on June 15, 2017): $195
  • Students: $90

All the sessions will be available for livestreaming until July 29. Once you register, you will receive instructions and livestream links a few days before the conference.

To register:

  • Go here
  • Click “Register”
  • Choose your registration option (e.g., Adult, Young Adult, etc.)
  • Enter your information and click “Next”
  • Complete the “Registration Information” screen
  • Select “Week Pass-Livestream” in the “Item Selection” screen
  • Follow the prompts and submit payment