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The Tea Party Will Fail — Unless it Fully Embraces Individualism as a Moral Ideal

OPED by Tom Bowden | Jan 2011

They’re calling it the tea party Congress, and the new leadership is busy snipping earmarks, targeting Obamacare, and quoting the Constitution. But can they succeed where similar conservative backlashes have failed? Whatever your opinion of the whole tea party movement — and mine stops far short of


Happy Birthday, Ayn Rand — Why Are You Still So Misunderstood?

OPED by Don Watkins | Feb 2012

In the summer of 1921, a young Ayn Rand saw Moscow for the first time. “I remember standing on a square,” she would later recall. “And it suddenly struck me. . . . ‘How enormous it is, and how many people, and it’s just one city’ . . . . I suddenly had the concrete sense of how many large cities


Does America Need Ayn Rand or Jesus?

OPED by Onkar Ghate | Jun 2011

Ayn Rand is everywhere and her political opponents are growing nervous. Rand of course is a champion of individual rights, including property rights, and an advocate of laissez-faire capitalism. Walk through any Tea Party gathering and you’ll see signs such as “Who is John Galt?,” “Rand was right”


“You didn’t build that,” conservative style

OPED by Steve Simpson and Yaron Brook | Dec 2013

With Obamacare in shambles and President Obama proposing his newest one-year plan to fix it, Republicans are experiencing a moment of schadenfreude. That’s understandable, but focusing on the Democrats’ failures will not lead the Republicans to success. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah)


Tom Bowden

Tom Bowden | Nov 2013

Tom Bowden is a policy analyst and outreach liaison at the Ayn Rand Institute. In addition to his writing, speaking and media work for ARI, he is managing editor of the Institute’s blog, Voices for Reason. He specializes in explaining Rand’s ideas on freedom, individual rights and objective law to


Ayn Rand and the Fight to Limit Government

Blog Don Watkins | Jul 2012

Ayn Rand, author of the 1957 classic Atlas Shrugged, is one of history’s most celebrated champions of capitalism. Her books have sold in the tens of millions, and her ideas continue to be debated thirty years after her death. Many of today’s top opinion leaders, businessmen, and politicians—everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Mark Cuban to Paul Ryan—have cited Rand as an important influence on their development.

On 55th Anniversary of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand More Prominent Than Ever

New movie based on the 1957 novel; new book by Ayn Rand Institute authors hits best-seller lists; Playboy to reprint Rand interview as e-book IRVINE, Calif. — October 10 marks the 55th anniversary of the publication of Atlas Shrugged, the Ayn Rand masterpiece that sold more than 445,000 copies last


McCutcheon v. FEC: Free Speech for Me or Free Speech for We?

Blog Steve Simpson | Apr 2014

In recent years, the Supreme Court has issued a spate of generally good campaign finance decisions that move steadily closer to treating free speech the way it should be treated — as an individual right. Last week’s decision in McCutcheon v. FEC, which struck down so-called “aggregate” contribution limits, is the latest example.