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Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal

Readers of Atlas Shrugged are struck by the moral fire of Ayn Rand’s defense of business and capitalism. She does not regard capitalism as an amoral or immoral means to some “common good” — as do most of its alleged defenders — but as a


Capitalism: Who Needs It—Ayn Rand and the American System

OPED by Yaron Brook | June 09, 2010

Capitalism is under siege. The social-economic system that made America the land of opportunity, freedom and explosive growth is under attack. Many blame the greed and self-interest of Capitalists for today’s economic morass. Others wonder how and why the events in Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas


Stop Blaming Capitalism for Government Failures

OPED by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins | Nov 2008

Speaking of the financial crisis, French president Nicolas Sarkozy recently said, “Laissez-faire is finished. The all-powerful market that always knows best is finished.” Sarkozy was echoing the views of many, including president-elect Obama, who assume that the financial crisis was caused by free


Capitalism in No Way Created Poverty, It Inherited It

OPED by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins | Feb 2013

The nineteenth century, many people believe, was an era in American history when workers were forced to toil in sweatshops twenty-eight hours a day for starvation wages. It was only when governments intervened, either directly on behalf of workers or indirectly by empowering unions, that conditions


Capitalism without Guilt

OPED by Yaron Brook | January 21, 2013

Capitalism has an undisputed record of wealth generation, yet it has always functioned under a cloud of moral suspicion. In a culture that venerates Mother Teresa as a paragon of virtue, businessmen sit in stoic silence while their pursuit of profits is denounced as selfish greed. Society tells


What Happens To The Sick Under Capitalism?

Blog Don Watkins | Aug 2012

Michael, a reader, asks, “Under capitalism, what happens to a sick person who can’t pay for health care? Does he just die on the street corner?”


Capitalism vs. Communism

OPED by Ayn Rand | 1961

The conflict between capitalism and communism, Ayn Rand says, is really a war of reason vs. mysticism. She warns businessmen: "You do not hire witch doctors as mechanics or engineers; do not hire them as PR men." (Recorded in 1961.)


Fair Pay Under Capitalism

Blog Don Watkins | Mar 2013

Washington Post writer Steven Pearlstein recently published a thoughtful piece on the morality of capitalism that has gotten a lot of attention. I have a lot to say about it, and I want to start with one of the more intriguing questions raised by Pearlstein.


The Debt Dialogues [Episode 9]: Yaron Brook on Capitalism

PodCast Don Watkins | May 2014

In this episode of The Debt Dialogues, I talk to Ayn Rand Institute executive director Yaron Brook about the moral alternative to the welfare state: laissez-faire capitalism. Topics include how the welfare state harms recipients, why capitalism leads to prosperity and human flourishing, and Ayn Rand’s unique contribution to capitalist thought.