In 1961 Ayn Rand was invited to speak at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston, America’s oldest continuously operating free public lecture series. This marked the beginning of Rand’s relationship with the Forum.

Over the years, Rand gave several talks in which she applied her philosophy of Objectivism on a wide range of topics such as art and censorship, capitalism, antitrust, abortion, the moon landing, the military draft, egalitarianism, inflation, Ronald Reagan and the religious right.

Now you can now relive Rand’s twenty years at the Ford Hall Forum.

America’s Persecuted Minority: Big Business (1961)

The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Our Age (1962)

Is Atlas Shrugging? (1964)

The New Fascism: Rule by Consensus (1965)

Our Cultural Value-Deprivation (1966)

The Wreckage of the Consensus (1967)

What Is Capitalism? (1967)

Of Living Death (1968)

Apollo and Dionysus (1969)

The Moratorium on Brains (1971)

A Nation’s Unity (1972)

Censorship: Local and Express (1973)

Egalitarianism and Inflation (1974)

The Moral Factor (1976)

Global Balkanization (1977)

Cultural Update (1978)

Age of Mediocrity (1981)